Rates & Fees

Listed below, you will find our current rates. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

For County Sewer Rates: Please call (864) 260-4710

For City Sewer Rates: Please call (864) 260-6347

*All rates and fees are subject to change*

Standard Residential Service Rates

Bi-Monthly Minimum: $29.40
Bi-Monthly DHEC Charge: $.50
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill: 2,000 gallons
/1,000 gallons over the minimum

Our community's water meters are read every other month. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Average Billing Examples (Bi-Monthly)

2,000 $29.90
5,000 $45.02
10,000 $70.22
15,000 $95.42


Administrative Fee $25.00
Renter/Lessee Deposit $100.00
Tap Fee (3/4") $2000.00
Tap Fee (1" or greater) *Requires Quote
Meter Set Fee (only eligible subdivisions) $500.00
Meter Reinstatement Fee $300.00
Return Check/Item Fee $30.00
Past Due Account Fee (also subject to disconnection) $75.00 (effective 7/1/22 Billing)
Duplex Fee $150.00
Cut/Damaged Lock Fee $50.00
Cut/Damaged Cut-Off Valve Fee $150.00