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Discoloration of Water

West Anderson Water District, along with other water companies supplied by Anderson Regional Joint Water System, is experiencing discolored water throughout the system as a result of the following:

From ARJWS: “We have confirmed manganese in the finished water this morning. Sample of finished water immediately leaving the plant was 0.07 mg/L. The secondary MCL is 0.05 mg/L for manganese. There is no health risk, as seen from the paragraph below from EPA website:

EPA does not enforce these “secondary maximum contaminant levels” (SMCLs). They are established as guidelines to assist public water systems in managing their drinking water for aesthetic considerations, such as taste, color, and odor. These contaminants are not considered to present a risk to human health at the SMCL. “

Manganese may become noticeable in tap water at levels above 0.05mg/L by imparting a brown color, odor or unpleasant taste to the water. ARJWS has corrected the problem at the treatment plant; however, it will take a few days to work its way out of the system.

In response, West Anderson has increased its flushing in various points of the system to help aid in improving aesthetic. If you are still experiencing discoloration, taste, or smell, please contact our office at (864) 225-5741, opt 6, so that we may better serve your area.